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Anvizent Alerts and Notifications

Proactively monitor dashboards and backend processes through data-driven alerts. Configure thresholds on key metrics and receive real-time notification for a quick action.

Data-Driven Alerts for Proactive, Real-Time, Monitoring

Anvizent Alerts and Notifications eliminate the pain of constant monitoring through a full-fledged threshold management system. Users can select individual metrics on relevant KPIs to configure thresholds for ‘minimum’ and ‘maximum’ target levels. Alerts are triggered to the relevant user/team to take quick actions.

Dashboard/KPI Based Alerts

Get notified when a KPI value has reached a pre-set threshold. Alerts can be tailored to the roles, responsibilities and concerns of individual users.

Event Based Alerts

Set up alerts to inform relevant people of unscheduled events and incidents. For instance, the IT manager can be alerted right when there is a data refresh failure.

Set up Alerts in 3 Easy Steps

Configure alert quickly and easily using an intuitive user interface. Set up notifications to be sent out to specific individuals or broadcast to multiple users across the organization.

  • Configure alerts in an instant using a condition drop down list
  • Add users who will receive the notification when threshold conditions are met
  • Choose form a range of notification options such as:
    • Chart Notifications
    • Push notifications on your iOS and Android mobile devices
    • Email Notifications

Customize Alert Trigger Conditions

Anvizent provides the flexibility to personalize alerts as per roles, responsibilities, and concerns of individual users. Advanced features provide a wide range of options such as:

  • Alerts for single or multiple charts/dashboards
  • Alerts based on single, multiple, and related conditions
  • Alerts for custom dimensions such as country/region
  • Threshold lines for visual tracking
  • Define severity levels
  • Assign weightage for alerts with multiple conditions
  • Custom email/text notification
  • Support for multiple languages

Manage Alert Rules and Notifications

Alerts are not only easy to set up, but also easy to manage. View all your active alerts in a single window and make necessary changes.

  • Enable/disable permission to create alerts
  • Edit alert rules
  • Disable alerts for selected instances
  • Temporarily suspend alerts
  • Edit alert recipients
  • Modify notification options

Key Features

KPI Alerts

Set up alerts on your most important metrics and get notified no matter where you are.

Event Based Alerts

Create an event alert to inform relevant people of unscheduled events and incidents.

‘Traffic Light’ Style Visual Indicators

Get at-a-glance awareness of the state of particular dashboards and metrics with ‘traffic light’ style indicators.

Chart Notifications

Receive alert notifications on you dashboard when data changes beyond set thresholds.

Email Notifications

Set up notification to be sent via email to individual users or a group of users.

Push Notifications

Enable push notification to receive alerts on smartphones and other handheld devices.

Custom Thresholds

Define custom alerts of specific metrics, dashboards, and business instances.

Alert Severity Levels

Apply a severity level to each alert to separate critical situation from less severe instances.

Multi-Language Support

Set up alerts to be sent out in languages specific to your region

Key Benefits

Receive critical business information in real-time

Continuously monitor what’s important to the business

Minimize disruptions through proactive problem resolution

Identify issues as they occur, rather than hours or days later

React faster to critical issues by notifying the right people

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