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Anvizent Automated Data Warehouse

Accelerate the way business users gain access to data by consolidating all enterprise data in one central platform. Automate traditional data warehousing processes to enable on-demand access to consistent, accurate, and up-to-date information.

Integrate All Your Data into One Platform


The Anvizent Automated Data Warehouse is a patent pending solution that consolidates data from multiple business applications within an organization and external data into a data warehouse. Analytics-ready data sets are created out of the data warehouse, thus bringing consistency across all reports, dashboards, and other data-centric business management activities.

Data Extraction

  • Several pre-built data extractions for multiple ERPs
  • API/SQL-based extraction automation
  • Automated incremental and full extract capabilities for DW
  • Visual query builder for ease of query building

Data Processing

  • Scalable Spark-based ETL engine for data processing
  • Ability to automate creation of data processing programs
  • Ability to align modeling changes with data processing to reduce the cycle times for changes
  • Schedulers to automate and schedule full and incremental data loads

Automated Data Warehousing - MINI-DW ™

  • History management on any data attribute with click of a mouse
  • Ability to merge data from multiple sources based on automated and manual options while retaining the ability to report on merged and unmerged data
  • Ability to maintain multiple hierarchies in various dimensions consistently across all data sets
  • Ability to store any number of years of historical data

External Data

  • Brings in currency exchange data for calculations
  • Ability to bring in any external data sets and to automatically make it available to combine with ERP data
  • Ability to provide the combined data sets as a Data API

Analytical Data Sets

  • Problem-solving data traversal - from any dimension to any other dimension
  • Pre-built complex data sets
  • Ability to create custom data sets out of data warehouse


  • Multiple templates for dashboard creation
  • Automatic creation of multi-chart dashboard with filters in 3 steps
  • Enhanced features for business managers for ease of use

Business Performance Management

  • Configurable pre-set alerts for various business activities
  • Ability to develop custom alerts for a business situation
  • Ability to chat and resolve issues on a case-by-case basis

Additional Capabilities

Multi-Currency Analysis

  • Prepares data to present in multiple currencies simultaneously
  • Handles local, global, and transnational currencies
  • Provides flexibility to present in any other 3rd party currency for ad-hoc conversion

Reusable Industry Specific Data Models

  • Industry standard data models to create a data warehouse
  • New modeling standards adaptable to Big Data platforms
  • Modeling combined with proprietary automated DW to make it easy to automate data transformations for modeling changes

Machine Learning Data Prep

  • Ability to automate data preparation for ML
  • Templates for data preparation based on industry parameters
  • Data acquisition from data warehouse and merging with other external data

Data API

  • API-based support from data warehouse to provide data for various other services
  • API-based support for complex analytical data sets
  • API-based multi-chart dashboards

Key Features


Security Module

  • User/Role-based security permissions to control access to specific data tables, data type, and database
  • Industry standard compliant security protocols such as client-side validation and server-side validation
  • Data encryption - 256-bit SSL certificate
  • Compatible with LDAP authentication settings


  • The platform comes with several modules where you can customize for quick implementation
  • Data extraction, data loading, and data transformations can be customize and automated
  • Visualizations, alerts set-up, and data creation for ML can also be automated for any new client/industry
  • Maximum reusability with the ability to templatize customizations for ease of deployment

Multi-Language Support

  • Out-of-the-box availability of multiple languages
  • Automatically stores and processes data in multiple languages


  • Big data-based platform with both cloud and on-premise solution
  • Can implement on most clouds
  • Technology capable to scale to multi-billion rows data sets

Support and Maintenance

  • Most support functions are automated for reduced cost of maintenance
  • Support framework will be extended to partners so that they can support their clients
  • Online training and certification platform and knowledge base will be included in the support framework

Flexible Deployment Options


Take advantage of Anvizent Automated Data Warehouse’s robust cloud architecture to reduce costs and improve agility.


Deploy the Anvizent Automated Data Warehouse within your dedicated environment with minimal effort and immediate time to value.

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