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Anvizent Visualization

Visually explore data and uncover valuable insights in a truly self-sufficient manner. Build interactive dashboards in as few as 3 clicks without any coding or querying.

Self-Service Analysis for Everyone

Anvizent Visualization brings the power of self-service dashboards to make data analysis faster and easier. It enables report developers, business analysts, and end users to rapidly create dashboards using pre-built analytical data sets from the automated data warehouse. Dashboards are completely interactive and allow user to analyze data at a granular level.

Business Users

Visualize and analyze data when and where you need it. Get immediate answers to business questions without having to overburden IT teams.

Technical Users

Quickly build ad-hoc dashboards without any coding or querying. Reduce reporting time from hours to minutes.

Build Dashboards in 3 Clicks

With Anvizent, it is easy to access data and build dashboards in just a few clicks. A simple, intuitive interface enables even non-technical users to build powerful dashboards with ease.

  • Connect to a wide range of analytic ready data sets.
  • Pick relevant dimension and measure (pre-populated)
  • Choose from a range of charts and graphs to display your data

Customize Dashboards to Fit Your Unique Needs

Anvizent gives users complete control over how their data is displayed. Advanced options let users configure and customize their dashboards around the tasks and information most important to them.

  • Choose from a wide range of visualization options including Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Funnel Charts, Line Charts, Area Charts, Geo Charts, Bubble Chart, Gauges, etc.
  • Enable standard and custom KPIs
  • Create what-if analysis on custom variables
  • Customize dashboard layout and design
  • Pick from multiple theme options
  • Save preferred styles as a template and apply them to other visualizations and dashboards
  • Add favorite dashboards to home page for quick and easy access
  • Set up data refresh schedule
  • Create alerts to notify users about changes in data

Interactively Explore Data for Deeper and Faster Insights

Anvizent dashboards are completely interactive, making it easy for users to rapidly explore and analyze their data. Point-and-click interactivity enables users to rapidly explore large amounts of data in a single analysis.

  • Quickly drill down from summary level data to transaction level details
  • Slice and dice data by a number of variables
  • View underlying data in tables and fields
  • Perform what-if analysis by substituting dashboard value with a custom value
  • Render data as Pivot Tables
  • Filter and sort data by multiple dimensions and measures
  • Apply time ranges to analyze data for specific time periods
  • Cycle through dashboards in a slideshow-type format
  • Visualize cumulative results
  • Switch between different types of charts and graphs visualization options in a single click

Easily Share and Publish Dashboards

Anvizent makes it easy to share dashboards and collaborate on data. Users can quickly share up-to-the-minute information and keep everyone on the same page.

  • Export data to PDF or Excel for offline consumption
  • Send dashboards as a web link to anyone
  • Email dashboards to colleagues
  • Embed Dashboards in internal portals or other web pages for wider consumption
  • Set appropriate permissions when sharing dashboards

Access Dashboards Anywhere Anytime

With Anvizent, you can access your dashboards anytime, anywhere using mobile and handheld devices. Easily browse dashboards, interact with data and take action no matter where you are.

  • Touch-friendly interface
  • Build new dashboards on the fly
  • View and interact with your existing dashboards
  • Receive alerts and take quick action

Maintain User Control and Data Governance

Anvizent provides all the features you need to govern and secure data and dashboards. Role-based permissions provide complete control over user action, eliminating help risk of unauthorized access.

  • Set application-level permissions for users to access features and functions
  • Dashboard-level permissions to control who can develop, edit or view dashboards
  • Data-level permissions to manage who can access which data

Key Features

User-Friendly Interface

Anvizent Visualization comes with a simple, intuitive interface that enables even non-technical users to build dashboards with ease.

Multiple Chart Libraries

See data come to life with a wide array of visualizations options. Our growing library of visualizations includes gauges, heat maps, funnel charts, geo charts and more

Industry Standard and Custom KPIs

Enable quick and easy access to industry standard KPIs and custom KPIs.

Advanced Drill-Downs and Drill-Through

Drill down and drill across dashboards to see information that matters in greater detail. Navigate from summary level information to transaction level details in just a few clicks.

What if Analysis

Simulate and analyze different business scenarios. Substitute dashboard value with a custom value to understand what effect it has on the outcome.

Custom Calculations

Add custom calculations to perform analysis on one or more fields in your data source.


Quickly transform dashboards into a pivot table

Offline Edit

Download dashboards as an HTML file, incorporate necessary customizations, and upload

Cyclic Dashboards

Create a dynamic dashboard that shows multiple visualizations in a sequence

Cumulative Graphs

Execute and visualize cumulative totals of various metrics

Auto Refresh

Set data refresh intervals to get the latest data into dashboards


Access dashboards on your mobile devices, receive alerts and interact with data

Key Benefits

Access data in a form that can be easily understood and can be acted upon immediately

Interact with data and find the answers you need within minutes

Track business operations in real-time using industry standard and custom KPIs

Improve collaboration and communication across the organization

Stay informed on the performance of your business from anywhere at any time

Improve IT efficiency and productivity

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